First BOTM Book Swap Begins 1/27

2022.01.22 20:59 NotoriousMAB First BOTM Book Swap Begins 1/27

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2022.01.22 20:59 ZoolShop Packers vs. 49ers: Expert picks, predictions, props for NFL playoffs divisional round Saturday schedule 2022

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2022.01.22 20:59 MrRaptorPlays Hello comrades. If any of you are old electronics enthusiasts or you want to see some old socialist technology from Eastern block come check out this new sub!

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2022.01.22 20:59 Suspicious-Ad-9099 I tried making Fredbear (75D3CDB)

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2022.01.22 20:59 Chandrian-the-8th Small Cerberus Spirit/Nightmare/Shade Armor rant

First time playing Citadel DLC and what do I get for obtaining the top score at the Armax Arena? A Cerberus armor.
Why? Why would you put the space fascists' colors on the best armor in the game? Why couldn't you make it N7 themed, or at least Alliance, or, I don't know, maybe Armax themed?
Thank the Enkindlers for mods, because my Shepard (and I) would rather die before flying white and gold into battle.
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2022.01.22 20:59 premiumaccs4sale Latest locked 2020 and 2021 papers and markschemes and mockpapers available. Insta:s_ihsan98

Latest 2020 and 2021 aqa edexcel ocr cie papers and markschemes for the cheapest rate. Responsive and trustworthy. Ace your mock. Ace your exams. Take control.
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2022.01.22 20:59 BrotherJeffery New solution, contacts burn

I bought a new contact solution, opti-free puremoist. I guess it has hydrogen peroxide in it or something. I didn't know that going in. When I put my contacts in after being in the solution over night my eyes we burning, but it wasn't that extreme and started to fade. I wore em for a few hours. The burning had stopped, but they started getting blurry. Like a layer of fog in front of my vision. So i took them out and they were EXTREMELY DRY. The next day when I tried to put em in I couldn't even open my eyes because the burning was so bad. I took em out. Bought a new solution. Tried rinsing them with the new solution and put them in. It burnt still so i took em out and let em soak in the new solution for another day. Tried again today. Still same extreme burning reaction. Only burns while contacts are in. I even tried another pair of contacts that never touched the opti-free solution. They still burnt just as much. Are my eyes permanently damaged from that solution??
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2022.01.22 20:59 zdwlees No longer have the "don't recommend channel option" wtf how can I get half decent shorts?

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2022.01.22 20:59 McCrysler What was something that was named after you? What made you special enough for it?

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2022.01.22 20:59 TheRealLardin Something About Us - Daft Punk (BASS Solo Cover/Version)

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2022.01.22 20:59 kailosians Former fans of the MCU, when was enough enough and you just clocked out of the whole Marvel thing?

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2022.01.22 20:59 inkihh WHAT DOES A BEAN MEAN??

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2022.01.22 20:59 Electronic-Morning76 Meta weapons list or discussion for returning player

Is there any consensus on meta weapons right now? Is there some way for me to understand what is best and what is worst? I am getting back into the game for the first time since season 2. I am a decent player and have a good trio. We are aiming for Masters, have a nice trio of legends (Gibby-Hound-Ash) figured out. But I wanted to know if there are certain guns that are objectively bad and some that are top tier so we can know what to work on and pick up as we climb the ranks.
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2022.01.22 20:59 MemerThoughts All pills are hard to swallow, hence why we need water to do so.

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2022.01.22 20:59 wolf6709 Guess who took the picture

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2022.01.22 20:59 BookApprehensive7528 Is this guy a winger or a fullback he has 8 finishing, 10 longshots though he has worse tackling with 7 and his marking stands at 10? im saying winger on supportive who hugs the sideline.

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2022.01.22 20:59 Comfortable-Still-58 Being A DIK Free [v0.8.2]

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2022.01.22 20:59 AdministrativeNews93 Rep. MTG Sold up to $15,000 Worth of Activision on Day of Sale News

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2022.01.22 20:59 Depressedlydepressed Teefies out

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2022.01.22 20:59 Rumil360 [EVENT] The Bull Lugubrious

29 October 1510
Rocca Pallavicino
The late October winds swirled around the rose-gold locks of Lucrezia Borgia. It was cold in this unfamiliar place, so she donned a felt hood; she should’ve worn her thicker woolen overcoat, but it was still in the carriage. Lombardy would have be beautiful, if not for the hungry hands of starving peasants begging on every corner. Her temperance was too generous for the beggars–she was not made to abide such suffering, but grain was still hard to come by and would be for some time.
The journey from Ferrara had been longer than she anticipated. Along her way, the duchess bore witness to much strife. The mark of years of conflict across Emilia and southern Lombardy was impossible to avoid. Tragedy met her gaze everywhere ahead and it hounded her along the way from behind. Empty fields, burned hamlets, and even roaming bands of gaunt commoners served as macabre reminders of the cost of princely ambition; men like her husband and her brother wrought death with a few words.
There were, however, signs of some recovery. No war had been seen in these central plains of Italy since the Peace of Boggia. Nearly four years of peace did not alleviate the rampant suffering, but at least it stymied the famine’s grip around the neck of the Italian people. She recalled the initial approach to the March of Parma, Cesare’s new land, these past three years. The land was quaint and quiet, so very unlike its new master. However, as boisterous as her brother seems, there had been not a single letter, not a single rumor, not a single word that reached Ferrara’s court since his appointment. Even the birth of the heir to Ferrara-Modena did not spur Cesare’s congratulations for his new nephew. At first, Lucrezia had been livid at her older brother, but as the days passed by, her ire turned to concern. What could be so terribly wrong in Busseto that caused such roaring silence?
As she walked through the Rocca Pallavicino, it was bare. There were no courtesans, there were no painters or lutists. A castle frozen, immoble in the thick sludge of a hushed silence. The few people she could see hurried about wordlessly about their duties, dressed in abnormally drab garb. Her eyes glazed over the checkered eagle of Antonio Maria Pallavicino, who Louis XII deposed in favor of the new marquis. Three years and he had not replaced it with the Borgia bull; something was not right. It was her duty as family and loving sister to discern what plagues him so. She approached the main portal to the residence. With the soft and slow footsteps of grace, Lucrezia approached the door to Cesare’s study. After a deep breath, she knocked.
Little did Lucrezia know what plagued Cesare Borgia was more than his despair.
His ailment had flared up. It burned him. Sweet Charlotte did what she could, but salves did little to save him from suffering. He felt healthy this autumn, thankfully. Maybe it’s improving? But the French disease lingers. He can’t escape it: the curse or the thought of its return. What is worse? The chamber he sat in was full of writings. They provided an escape from this dismal reality. The greatest martials of war of all history at his fingertips. Alexander the Great and Julius Caesar and Hannibal and and and. All triumphant, but not Cesare. He lost. He was no Caesar. The wretched peace of Boggia… It was his bane. In one fell swoop, the Borgia had been purged from Italy. The Marquisate of Parma, and without Parma? Insulting. Busseto and Cortemaggiore were no prize–it was a spear to his head. And to his heart. Louis XII was supposed to be a friend. He is no friend. He is a traitor. He gave up, just when we were ready to strike. The heart of that snake still beats. Not Louis, Pope Della Rovere. He had no allies. Cesare had them all. Siena and Ferrara and Modena and Reggio and all of Romagna. Why did it befall as it did? Where did he go wrong? What does Rodrigo think? Why are the Borgia confined to these petty estates? Where is his heir? Why does that blasted toddler wander? He needs to listen to his father’s orders. Stay inside. No one here is to be trusted. The cities, no, they can’t be called that. The villages did not want a Borgia. They wanted the Pallavicino. This is no place for him. They plot against the family. Against Charlotte and Alexandria and Vanozza and Agostino. And their Duke as well. Duke of Romagna. Duke of Urbino. Duke of Valentinois. But no. Back to the books. Every day the books. Or this same script plays over and over. Peace of Boggia… Julius II… Traitors and assassins and Judas Iscariots creep and creep. They prowl about this castle. One can hear their slinking footsteps in the hallway. It seems as if they’re getting closer. Is Judas here with a kiss? They’re at the door. A knock. Again, a knock. Where’s the sword? The gun? Where’s the gun!? They’re here for me.
A shimmer of light broke into the dark room. In front of the rays of white, a dark silhouette appeared, hooded, slender. A couple steps forward into the dim candlelight, and there was no Judas Iscariot. It was an angelic face, like that of Mother Mary, full of grace. Lucrezia Borgia’s gaze met Cesare’s and her green eyes swept away the fog around his mind.
After a week, Lucrezia prepared to depart back to her home in Ferrara. Her time in Busseto forced her to appreciate all the trappings of the magnificent court in Ferrara. Cesare certainly had been cornered into a peculiar position, and according to him it was the fault of various actors, none of which were him. Every night of her visit, the duchess had stayed awake into the darkest hours of the morning with her brother. They had shared laughs and also wept. They had embraced and also argued about the future of the Borgia family. Cesare had even rambled on about his episodes of paranoia, which he supposedly did not even share with his wife Charlotte. A couple nights they had even stayed up so late and felt so tired that they crashed and shared a bed. But perhaps the most important item shared with one another was news. Word had not spread to each other about the fruits of the two siblings: heirs.
Lucrezia shared the news of Ercole II’s birth in Ferrara and how he had grown so quickly. Likewise, it was for her pleasure to meet Cesare’s young son and new heir, whom he named Nero. A happy boy, his hair was marked with Pollosis, and he grinned a lot. Lucrezia questioned Charlotte about his christening but the mother simply shrugged. Nero was no hero and he was certainly no Christian. Why Cesare would possibly name his firstborn son after a monster was beyond her. She had come to expect such with her brother, however, and made no comment.
It seemed to Lucrezia that Cesare was in dire need of purpose. He seemed quite depressed and the events of Julius’ conquest of Romagna were brought up in conversation quite often. Much of him seemed stuck in the past. He was, however, alive and well, and she knew that with his downtime there was certainly something he had brewing for the future.
And brew he did.
TLDR: Sorry about my inactivity, I should be back now. Lucrezia makes a visit to Busseto to snap Cesare out of silence (inactivity) and she meets his son and heir, who is named Nero.
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2022.01.22 20:59 CatThink4167 Please doxx him

My girlfriend is being harassed by her ex who threatens to kill her. She mutilated herself because of his threats. I have his IP address please doxx him. It's been 3 months now, I've tried everything please help me. I don’t know what to do.
IP Adress:
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