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Is there a demon that looks like a giant chicken? (I know it sounds silly)

2022.01.22 20:52 stonemilky Is there a demon that looks like a giant chicken? (I know it sounds silly)

The question is silly and does not have much foundation to it. I just had a dream I was in an island and then some giant blue chickens appeared, and some people tried to kill them to eat them... but I yelled no! don't kill them lol and then the blue giant chickens were actually kept in that island because they were super dangerous to the ecosystem (their feces were poisonous) and eated meat... like elephants and stuff. And that was creepy enough. Also had a name on my lips when I wope up like "Zarzabrath" or something, so... yeah I came here lol
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2022.01.22 20:52 worldiscubik We are launching very soon! Join our Discord and giveaway before it becomes whitelist only and follow us on twitter! It will pay off! Free mint spots, check invite giveaway ❤️🔥❤️

We are launching very soon! Join our Discord and giveaway before it becomes whitelist only and follow us on twitter! It will pay off! Free mint spots, check invite giveaway ❤️🔥❤️ submitted by worldiscubik to NFTExchange [link] [comments]

2022.01.22 20:52 CheapFood6230 If you owned Finding Nemo on DVD when you were a kid, then you probably remember masterpeice short film

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2022.01.22 20:52 crytoloover Gala Games Breakout Confirmed?! (price prediction)

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2022.01.22 20:52 tuna_dog What is the most important factor to becoming Legend ranked?

If you think it starts with "s" and ends with "l", you are wrong.
View Poll
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2022.01.22 20:52 bbrackett Command center on VOD

Title kind of says it, if I have to miss part of the games and want to watch the vod can I still do the command center?
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2022.01.22 20:52 asexualaphid 4 Arcade Cabinets to build, need MAME Advice

4 Arcade Cabinets to build, need MAME Advice submitted by asexualaphid to MAME [link] [comments]

2022.01.22 20:52 Maraxusx Airflow help and upgrade question

I have an EVGA gtx 1660 super right now running dual 1080p monitors (I think they're 24" if that matters) When running intense games on high, my GPU gets to 80-81 degrees and the fans cycle up to 100% for 3-4 seconds, then drop back down for a few seconds. It sounds like a jet taking off when it spikes to 100%.
This happens constantly on graphic intensive games. I narrowed down the issue to airflow by opening the side panel, and getting the card to stabilize at 75 degrees Max with around 70-75% fan speed. (I used msi afterburner with a custom curve and also on Auto, either way the fans spike up without regard to my settings as soon as the temps hit 81 degrees)
I have a 3900x with a liquid cooler which is where I think the issue is. I have the radiator fans sucking through the radiator (the radiator is in the front of the case.) Top fans and rear fan are all blowing out (exhaust)
My question is, 1. Is this normal? I don't think a 1660 should be so overloaded when gaming on 1080p.

  1. Where do people put the radiator so that the air in the case isn't being pre-heated?
  2. Can I upgrade my monitors to 4k with this video card? I don't necessarily need to game at 4k right now, but I would like to future proof my monitors for a while since new GPUs are so hard to get right now. Basically, would a 1660 super handle 1440 gaming or 4k on oldeless taxing games?
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VENDO PACK COM 3000 FOTOS E VIDEOS ( MIRELLA, MARISA, RAISSA BARBOSA, ALINE FARIA, MARU KARV E MULHER MELAO) POR CODIGO NO KWAI Kwai809142219 submitted by Thick-Brief9258 to Thalitatreyce [link] [comments]

2022.01.22 20:52 SenorBurns I returned a book and now that author and subgenre is all Audible is recommending

How hard is it to include "remove returned books from recommendations" to the algorithm?
To add insult to injury, in reading part of that book, I realized I not only disliked the subgenre, but found it really distressing! I definitely wish I could make it so I didn't have to see those recommendations for books that make me ill.
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2022.01.22 20:52 DiscipleOfLife8 Re-rendering component after form submission without causing infinite loop

I'm working on a meal prep feature. It's similar to a to-do list with an input inside a form. The data is being sent to the back-end via axios, then back to the front-end and displayed under the input field. The problem is that I have to refresh in order for the added meal to be displayed.
I tried placing the meal state inside the dependency array, but that led to an infinite loop on the back-end, where the database was queried non-stop.
What's the proper way to render changes upon submission without triggering an infinite loop?
Here's my setup (simplified). I can share the rest in a codepen if necessary:

const [meal, setMeal] = useState(); useEffect(() => { axios.post("route", bodyObj) .then((res) => { setMeal(res.data.meals)} }, []); 
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2022.01.22 20:52 samoanLightning Every game

Every game submitted by samoanLightning to TeamfightTactics [link] [comments]

2022.01.22 20:52 MagzalaAstrallis Simple, Beginners Tutorials For Monsters/Creatures/Characters - Any Recommendations?

Greetings to all you super, sculpty, Earthlings...
After a 4 year break, I've decided to pick up clay sculpting as a hobby again.
I'm really focussing on wanting to make cute monsters, wacky creatures and fun little characters, but everything I've made, I've scrapped and has been a massive fail and I'm struggling to find any tutorials online that aren't for realistic, professional, more advanced/intermediate monsters/projects so I'm hoping and wondering if any of you have any good suggestions/recommendations of some clay monstecreature tutorial videos that they'd be able to share with me? I'm looking for anything that's cute, colourful and fun, nothing too intricate, but something fun and silly...
I played around sculpting with clay a few years ago, and was taught how to do it by my ex partner. At the time, I only really sculpted heads/human faces.. I was good at it, but not fantastic and didn't really make a lot of things and never gave myself a chance for my skill to improve.
But these last two years, my mental health has taken a turn for the worst and I'm suffering really badly with agoraphobia and I'm spending most of my time in the house and watching TV for entertainment all the time is getting boring, and there's only so much tidying and house work you can do until there's nothing more to tidy, so I needed to pick up some indoors hobbies to enjoy.
Thanks in advance!
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2022.01.22 20:51 revenantarts Does anyone have a recommendation for a good place for gas fireplace repair/maint?

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2022.01.22 20:51 wokforsenate Pharma 10/325s & Clonazolam Pressies

Pharma 10/325s & Clonazolam Pressies submitted by wokforsenate to Benzofamily [link] [comments]

2022.01.22 20:51 Banhammer-Reset Could use some advice from hondabros

Recently bought an 02 Civic ex coupe as a beater, has 234k on the body, but new clutch and an engine with unknown miles, but is not the original. Was running when I got it, had a p0355 issue. Crank sensor had 12v, ground, and the 5v signal wire seemed to be working. Thought it would be a broken wire, I checked the crank pos signal wire at ECU, it seemed to read fine there too. Ordered a new denso sensor anyway, went to install and discovered the crank gear had a broken tooth. Alright.. slipped it off and put a new one on + the new sensor, hooked it back up... And nothing. No fire with the sensor plugged or unplugged. Sounded like it has no compression, didn't even attempt to fire.
I was careful to not move the crank or cam, but still took everything back apart again and reset my timing, belt back on.. same thing. Pulled everything apart one more time, this time stuck a wood dowel down cyl1 to verify tdc. All plugs are very wet. Still nothing, I can smell fuel for sure, and it just sounds..off when cranking. Hard to describe.
At no point did I ever feel a hard resistance or force anything to rotate, never heard an obvious crunch of valves kissing. Yet, I'm showing no compression anymore. Surely me rotating the cam and crank by hand wouldn't be enough to bend the valves if the timing was off? And should a d17 be easy enough to rotate by hand? By hand as in, plugs in, literally just grabbing the crank gear and turning my hand. No socket or wrench. Really hoping I didn't just fuck myself and need a new engine already.
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2022.01.22 20:51 allanwritesao Original Japan-themed stickers (individual and sets)

Original Japan-themed stickers (individual and sets) submitted by allanwritesao to stickers [link] [comments]

2022.01.22 20:51 meredithkatherine Implant

I’m thinking about switching from the pill to the arm implant. I’m having issues with spotting all of a sudden after 2 years of being on the pill. So after some research, I learned that I may need to switch birth control methods. Has anyone experienced any major problems with the implant?
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2022.01.22 20:51 komadorii Mythraaaa!

Mythraaaa! submitted by komadorii to Xenoblade_Chronicles [link] [comments]

2022.01.22 20:51 zvekl Help with docker shared volumes in LXC

Complete newbie that has spent a day figuring this out, need help.
I have just installed proxmox and wanted to use LXC to run dockers of plex, rclone, etc. used Ubuntu 20.04 and setup docker and containers fine but I can’t get the volumes to be shared between containers using the :shared. It tells me the mount point on the host is not a shared mount point. How do I make /mount/abc a shared mount?
I’ve redone the whole thing using VM and it works fine (but I can’t get quick sync working). Is there a limit with LXC and docker containers or am I just not doing it right
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2022.01.22 20:51 maurimonster Modes vs chord progression

So, I've been a classical pianist for almost a decade but I just started making an effort to formalize my lacking improv skills until now.
My main question is: when playing modes, how do I know If I'm actually playing the mode and not just some chord progression where the first note is not the root note?
As an example, I think I'm C Locrian, and my chord progression is: Cmin7 flat 5, F7, Bbmin sharp 7. How do I know whether this is a I-IV-VII C Locrian or a II-V-I Bb minor? I have a feeling it's the later since it "settles" or resolves at the Bbmin#7.
Thanks in advance!
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2022.01.22 20:51 GoFUself-Tony889 Most EVIL Legendary Lords — Lizardmen

So I did what others suggested and removed one of the lizardman LLs in order to fit the rest on this poll. After reading some lore, I decided to leave out Tiktaq’to because he seemed the least evil and also the one with the least lore. Honestly, he can easily be switched out with Oxyotl…
View Poll
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2022.01.22 20:51 MysteriousArrival8 [GEAR] 1979 Fender Stratocaster avail for $150 locally - buy it for my first guitar?

Should I be suspicious? Fender Stratocaster Made in USA. I looked up the serial code and it seems to be from ~1979. Any reason I shouldn't jump on this? Online it looks like these are worth much, much more. Key detail though: This will be my first ever musical instrument, so needs to be beginner friendly (which it seems Fender Strats are?). This also means I can't really determine myself if it's in good shape/working order or not...
Image of the guitar here
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2022.01.22 20:51 Defiant_Bumblebee_32 So I bought a camcorder recently and I lost the cord to charge it and I’m having trouble identifying the cord type think any of y’all could help

So I bought a camcorder recently and I lost the cord to charge it and I’m having trouble identifying the cord type think any of y’all could help submitted by Defiant_Bumblebee_32 to Cameras [link] [comments]

2022.01.22 20:51 SquishmallowSky We need to have a serious conversation about the community's problem with giving in to resellers

Not just this subreddit but the Squish community at large.
Squish aren't as rare as you think they are. Ignore the fact, for a moment, that they're bought up and resold for insane prices online. If that wasn't happening, they would not be rare. Remember this most recent Halloween when people were constantly finding Emily? And remember how before then she was "super rare?" Remember how last year Bubba was sold for upwards of $200 online but with his rerelease in FiveBelow you can find him in person and online for retail price and below? They aren't rare, and even the "rare"/limited time squish (like holiday and seasonal) are starting to come back every year.
If we throw the resellers back into the mix, they're what's making Squish "rare" by making an artificial scarcity of them. They do this by buying them out in local shops in order to convince us they're rare and thus "justify" their insanely marked-up prices. It's like what's going on with Diamonds. They aren't rare, they're just horded by a select few so they seem rare and thus sell for much higher prices. If there's no squish in your local Walgreens you think "oh this squad must be rare!" and you settle for expensive squish online, but if we didn't do that, then the empty stores and insane prices online would end.
If people genuinely stopped giving in to resellers, this wouldn't be a problem. If resellers realized their $300 purchase of all the Squish in Northern Illinois wasn't getting them the money they expected, they wouldn't do it again. They'd stop. Because that was a waste of money. Then that artificial scarcity would be gone! Then the stores would be stocked again! Then there wouldn't even be any people with marked up squish to give into!
And, I'm gonna say something here that I think most of you are not going to like. But it really needs to be said.
You don't *need** to own any specific squish.* If you have a DISO, you don't need to give in to the expensive prices. Squish are small stuffed animals. On top of that, they have proven to return within the following months after their release. And also, there's dozens of other squish that look almost identical to one another! But in the end, they're stuffed animals! You don't *need** them!*
And yes, I get it! They help with anxiety, they're a comfort, they're there for you when you're depressed, I'm in the same boat! I have severe anxiety and bring a Squishmallow with me wherever I go, and I change which one it is every day! If I don't have one, I've found I'm more prone to panic attacks! Me choosing a Squish at the start of each morning is stimulating to my weird brain and calming to my anxiety! I understand so many of us go through this, and other similar things where we feel like we really need to have a squish. But I need you to take a minute to step back and realize that hinging the entirety of your mental health for the day/week/month on a stuffed animal is incredibly unhealthy and dangerous. I take medication for my anxiety, so I don't find myself falling into suicidal spirals if I forget to take Marshina to the movies with me. But if you find yourself in this position you need to take a while to find alternatives to this problem. Because eventually, the anxiety from not having the perfect Squish is going to turn into anxiety over the fact you can't afford the electric bill. And if you still hold onto your obsession with your squish it's going to destroy your mental health. It's not healthy to have an obsession so strong that you forgo food for a week so you can afford the $70 Brinna on Mercari.
And again, I want to say, I truly understand Squish being a huge comfort or a special interest. When Bubba came out, he was all I wanted in life, I felt like I needed him, to the point where I had a week long mental breakdown because I couldn't afford him and he was only available in stores that were days away from me via roadtrip. THAT ISN'T HEALTHY! And I realized that! I realized, holy hell! I just had my mental health destroyed for an entire week because I couldn't afford a stuffed animal! So I stepped back and went "Okay, I'll just get a cheaper squish that I also love, and maybe invest in some new coping strategies." And I did, and a few months later I got Meadow (remember what I said about the fact there's so many Squish that look so similar?), and I stopped having panic attacks over DISOs. And now, just in the last two days, I finally got a Bubba. And you know what my reaction was? "Maybe I didn't really need this guy as much as I thought I did..." Because I survived that year without him, I didn't need him. Don't get me wrong, he's still my favorite and I'm so glad I have him, but I really didn't need him.
TLDIn Conclusion:
I need this community to really think about this, if we stopped giving in to resellers, there wouldn't be this severe of a scarcity. Because they're the reason there's this sense of "rarity". They are making the false scarcity. And I know it feels hard to not have that one, perfect, DISO Squish. But it's not that serious, you don't need it, and if you feel like you do to the point where it affects your mental health that badly then I sincerely urge you to find another special interest or coping mechanism. Pick up a new game, dedicate yourself to recreating your favorite forest in Minecraft, write a book, collect Pokémon cards, or maybe even buy a different or similar Squish! It's not safe for you to be that obsessed.
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