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تيك توك تلحق انستجرام وتختبر خاصية الاشتراكات المدفوعة للمؤثرين

2022.01.22 20:31 FADIKALIL تيك توك تلحق انستجرام وتختبر خاصية الاشتراكات المدفوعة للمؤثرين

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2022.01.22 20:31 creepypatato Çocuklar uyudu gececi tayfa ses ver 😎👌

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2022.01.22 20:31 JMiracle2019 People were recently arrested for not having proof of vaccination at a museum in NYC

This is all happening to prepare the world for the Antichrist's reign in the 7 year tribulation. He will force all, great and small, to take the Mark of the beast. If they do not take the Mark, they will not be allowed to buy and sell. Later on they will be killed for refusing it. It's stated clearly, right there in the bible.
This whole situation we are in is being taken advantage of by the powerful people that actually rule our world, in preparation for the 7 year tribulation and the Mark. It will happen, and not believing it isn't going to stop it from happening.
My heart breaks for the people who are blind to this, Christians and non believers alike. They will walk right into it if they don't smarten up.
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2022.01.22 20:31 Expert-Passenger3053 Satin Mood by MFK Tiktok

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2022.01.22 20:31 sheamonieux He's been visiting my nightmares since the 70s

He's been visiting my nightmares since the 70s
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2022.01.22 20:31 lovemethetea21 Lies lies lies and more lies.. 🤥

I could never live my life in a bunch of lies 24/7. And even try to keep up with them…. Like damn C….. how ya do that?!?! And then ya get caught and TRY to just forget about it. Or claim ya never said that…. Smh.
I use to feel so bad for her… until I just couldn’t handle myself questioning everything she was saying. Now I enjoy the entertainment. 🫖
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2022.01.22 20:31 12nb34 It doesn't look like this Omicron is doing much beyond infect. Maybe the Supreme Authority is indeed some kind of Hare Krishna? ☺

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2022.01.22 20:31 ARREST_HILLARY_NOW Dr. Oz's snake oil history

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2022.01.22 20:31 zhong-guo-ren 打消人们质疑河南7•20报告里遇难者人数的方法

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2022.01.22 20:31 michaelok1 UT Dallas

3.1 gpa (yikes 🥲) I graduate high school at 16 (the plan) Go to ut Dallas double major in computer science and sales, reason idk I wanna be both)
Acceptance rate for the school 79% haven’t done SAT or ACT?
Do y’all think I could possibly get in ?
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2022.01.22 20:31 neli96 [Best Secret] hi guys, i have 16 invitations left for you to join Best Secret and enjoy some discount in branded sports and luxury clothing. Click the invite below, register an account and search for you favorite clothes. Enjoy!

Hello, here is your personal invitation link to become a member of the exclusive fashion community BestSecret. Simply click to register and start shopping!
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2022.01.22 20:31 mydaytimetrauma 2021-2022 Season-To-Date Soap Opera Ratings (Updated With Most Recent Week)

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2022.01.22 20:31 StonedBeanCan Prk

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2022.01.22 20:31 Smokeelitemain District

Hi everyone.
A lot of us hate the district system of the game. Its not enjoyable having to deal with creating a completely new district to advance.
What i propose is a system of advanced post. What i mean is:
For developing farther than the OG district you will have to build a basic supply depot for scout beaver. The scout will be able to transport a minimum amount of stuff to build basic building (housing and warehouse).
With those basic building built, new beaver can come populate this section of the map. Since there is a limit of distance beaver can travel (green to red path) each time you set new housing, you can travel farther than just the OG district limit.
For the basic warehouse, it can only accept basic stuff (food and wood). Youll need to create a outpost and another warehouse to get "advance" ressource or create them with industry.
With this concept, i think the game would be much more enjoyable.
I just hate the district concept. Each time it hurt myself to create a new one.
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2022.01.22 20:31 Striking_Cell_9252 BOH Set Up!

Hey hey Old Naviers. As we work through the SOMO SnapBack I was curious if anyone would be willing to post some pics of how your BOH is set up. Just to get some inspiration and new ideas! I will post some once I complete mine Monday or Tuesday of this coming week!
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2022.01.22 20:31 Acceptable_End_5081 After 22 years, I got my dream car: a 1996 Dodge Viper GTS.

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2022.01.22 20:31 Cupcakechickenwing F4A Can someone teach me how to flirt?

I (21) am a really open person but I struggle with flirting. If you want to help me out with that dm me.
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2022.01.22 20:31 Hellvis_50s Marilyn Monroe

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2022.01.22 20:31 Skittles_the_Jester This is what $25 worth of candy looks like from my local candy shop. I love visiting there so much!

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2022.01.22 20:31 CatSE---ApeX--- Economic efficiency 1/2

Economic efficiency 1/2 TL/DR This writeup will touch on different aspects of AST SpaceMobile, and the context it is in, from the perspective of efficiency and effectiveness. Concepts that often comes to mind doing DD on this company.
I will compare and contrast some in this writeup, so bare with me, it is not just AST centric.
There are many words and ways to describe the concepts. And in my own language there is only one word "effektivitet", that covers both concepts. We differentiate between inner efficiency (in essence productivity) and outer efficiency that includes a good fit of the product to the demand. But the english language has two different words. So we will start with a definition and some examples of the concepts.
Effectiveness - Doing the right thing. 
This concept is about the capability of producing a desired result. And as a society, not just as a business we can desire this.
Let´ s hear Arthur on effectiveness in the context of communications. Take it away Arthur!

Sir Arthur C. Clarke. Inventor of the communications satellite.
Don't commute. Communicate!
-Arthur c. Clarke
Let's reflect on that quote and a recent FAA-FCC quarrel of airplanes and 5g frequencies. What Arthur was saying in 1977 was not that we shouldn't ever get on an airplane again. But he did predict things like smartphones, videoconferences and the internet. And said that we more often should opt to communicate instead of commuting. Much like most of us also do today.
Why did he think so, and why did we do so? Because it is more effective in a lot of scenarios. NB. Not in all scenarios. But pandemics makes more of them.
And as such, the US society / government is not very effective these days when giving airlines priority over 5g networks to suitable 5g spectrum that is used already all over the world.
The way things are that will gravitate swiftly towards a more effective way. In a society there are strong forces that pushes things in the direction of effectiveness. There can be detours to that goal. It can take time. But eventually effective ways to do things usually prevail as societies evolve.
Let us consider communication at a broader sense. There are rural/sparse and urban/dense areas, there is mobile and fixed point communications, land sea and air, narrow and broad band requirement. And so there will be a lot of solutions. What I am getting at here is that there will be room for many techniques in parallel and they can all be effective for their specific market segment.
Being effective for one market segment does not mean that the same approach is effective for the rest of the market.
Let us look at some maps.
Nordic countries. Optical fibre home broadband speeds.
I live in a rural part of Sweden where ~90% of households has 100mbps internet connection through optical fibre networks, and most of those that do not has access but opted not to connect. USA has twice the population density of Sweden. Norway is a very similar country, but has a jagged shoreline and mountains that make the deployment more expensive. Denmark with a population density higher than both USA and Sweden has a very high percentage of households with high internet speed.

USA. Counties where thee Percentage of people having the FCC broadband speed of 25 mbps is at least 15% Map is from may 10 2021.
If broadband access was a problem in the USA before 2020, the pandemic turned it into a crisis. As everyday businesses moved online, city council meetings or court proceedings became near-inaccessible to anyone whose connection couldn’t support a Zoom call. Many could not as the map above shows.
We can conclude that the sparsely populated northern part of Sweden has better internet speeds than densely populated counties in USA.
We can conclude that the USA has a less effective optical fibre network. There are now big programs starting to ramp up to correct some of this. But the USA is a bit late to the party.
Still there are areas in Sweden that are impractical and expensive to connect. There are use cases for Starlink / Kuiper internet connections. Remote Islands, remote inland settlements, non temporary deployments in the terrain. But they are rare and far between.
And so this cycles back to the fact that what is effective for one segment is not effective solution for all segments.
Pareto principle
The Pareto principle states that for many outcomes, roughly 80% of consequences come from 20% of causes. In other words, a small percentage of causes have an outsized effect.
Let us reflect on the Pareto principle and USA v/s Sweden. It is my assumption that the optical fibre infrastructure of the USA has largely been left to the market economy to solve. and Pareto principle has it that when with a certain technology 80% of the lucrative market has been covered that is when 20% of the effort has been made. So it is a shortcoming of the markets to build an effective infrastructure, all by themselves, as they only strive to be efficient in the sense of profitable.
In Sweden, part of network building has been subsidized with a percentage of costs ranging between 40-70% of costs for a long period of time. There is a parallel goal for cellular connectivity coverage in force and the coverage is equally good. So a whole lot more households were profitable to connect, by means of decades long government intervention.
And so even with a high level of subsidies you reach that point where - for the society as a whole - a certain technology/ concept is no longer effective. It is very rare that 100% of the effort should be with one single technology / concept.
And so to boil this down to company level, being effective in Sweden building optical fibre broadband used to be a different thing than doing it in the USA. Because the desired outcome was different, in the sense the tax payers did not desire to pay the expansion of network with subsidies in the US. And so, as I presume, an effective company in the US stayed within the limits of where people paid the true cost. And an effective company in Sweden expanded beyond that on a good fit to harvest the subsidies. So both the society as a whole and a company can be effective.
Efficiency - Doing it right. 

Optical fibre network processor in Sweden. Image is a decade old. An efficient machine.
The above machine is in a poplar plantation. At that latitude this crop produces most biomass per acre and year. So the image shows an efficient machine and an efficient crop at this particular location. What is efficient is sometimes pending climate and geology.
And so with the swedish way of putting it, (we say inner efficiency where the US just says efficiency). Efficiency is more about the inner workings of the company. Whereas effectiveness involved the fit to the market and the governments regulatory framework. Efficiency is just about producing as much output as possible with as little input as possible. Albeit that output is measured both by its quality to specifications and its quantity, not just quantity.
Economic efficiency. Economy theory has its own definition of efficiency. Economic efficiency is when all goods and factors of production in an economy are distributed or allocated to their most valuable uses and waste is eliminated or minimized. Often when we use the word efficiency we mean this. And economic efficiency really is a the combination of efficiency and effectiveness. And it is the meaning of the swedish single word "effektivitet". For the purpose of this writeup however we seperate between the two concepts. But acknowledge that as a society and in a company we want both. 
Why is efficiency important for a company then?
Well a business needs to be profitable and the equation for the profit margin is very similar to the equation of efficency.
Profit = Total Revenue - Total Expenses 
In real estate, the operating expense ratio (OER) is a measurement of the cost to operate a piece of property, compared to the income brought in by the property. Simplified it goes like this:
Operating expense ratio = operating expense / gross operating income. 
Compare OER above to the formula for efficiency below. And you see how a high level of efficiency directly translates to a high OER, and thus higher efficiency - all else equal - translates to higher profit.
Efficiency= Total output / Total input 
And business is a game of survival of the fittest, where you both need to be effective and deliver what the market (and regulators) desire, and produce that in an efficient way. Or you will be put out of business by the competition. Either by a better - more effective - product, or a cheaper - more efficient - way of making it, or both.
LTV: CAC = Customer Lifetime Value / Customer Acquisition Cost
LTV:CAC ratio = LTV/CAC The Customer Lifetime Value to Customer Acquisition (LTV:CAC) ratio measures the relationship between the lifetime value of a customer, and the cost of acquiring that customer. The metric is computed by dividing LTV by CAC. It is a signal of customer profitability, and of sales and marketing efficiency. 
For a hypergrowth company it is often stated that the LTV:CAC needs to be 3 or higher.
For a Starlink customer swapping his antenna three times in 15 years at a total subsidy of 1000 USD + other customer acquisiton costs such as sales of 200 USD the lifetime value in those 15 years of that customer needs to be about 3 times that or 3600 USD or the business will have trouble. There is a hint in that calculation that the proprietary, quite expensive, VSAT phased array / electronically steered antennas, will be prohibitively expensive to reach some customer segments. Such as low income customers. This dilemma is true for almost every Low Earth Orbit constellation in the works. Kuiper, OneWeb, Starlink to mention some.
And when we compare and contrast this with AST concept, where you just need COTS external 4g/5g antenna for fixed, or tablet/phone/dongle for mobile. We see a dramatic difference in CAC:LTV ratio.
And that is a more efficient network / business-model compare and contrast these two formulas:
Efficiency= Total output / Total input
Simply put, a device that either the user already posses, like a cell phone, or can buy at the cheap without subsidies is to be preferred in any market and is absolutely essential in low income markets.
Out of the ~1% in the US using Starlink type connection. Nearly half (44%) wanted to swap connection to another type because it was too expensive.
Mobile versus Fixed.
AST type connection is mobile. with the option to use it stationary. This is effectiveness in that it provides a functionality that is desired by the market segment it address. And as we know from fixed landlines versus cellular connectivity the market
U.S. household consumes over 11 times more data over fixed networks versus mobile access. However, when a study compared service revenue generated from actual GB delivered, it found that consumers place roughly 20x more value on mobile broadband than fixed in terms of what they’re willing to pay for monthly plans. For a more detailed break down, see this report.
This level of fit to the desire of the customer, we now know is an example of effectiveness. Lets say you can afford just one connection. What will that be, fixed or mobile?

Sorry not so recent chart. But you see where this is going.
Field of View
Lets get to network architechture.

Footprint of an AST satellite operating ¨725 km altitude.

SpaceX proposed new two -tier V-band constellation, Field of View.

Starlink two-tier v-band constellation, footprints. VLEO sats - small prints. LEO sat - bigger print.

I made this. Black is the Field of view of an AST satellite 20 degrees above horizon. The green colour is Starlink v-band LEO and the magenta is Starlink v-band VLEO field of view.
Consider the above image. With the wider field of view of AST satellites (black), they can reach customers at shorter distance than the corresponding proposed Starlink satellite in LEO can. Meanwhile the VLEO sats must be very much more numerous to reach customers everywhere within the footprint of the LEO sats.
It is apparent to me that, because of more narrow field of view, the Starlink concept buillds a more complex and less efficient system. The total capacity of the AST satellite can be freely distributed from a relatively low orbit within the entire footprint. Starlink goes high to get the field of view, but loses throughput in this way and has to add VLEO that are very inefficent as to their usable/total capacity ratio.
We know that AST has chosen a foldable dish antenna for their backhaul, and an larger phased array for their fronthaul. The former has no degradation of its directivity/gain within the steeerabele range. The latter is large enough so that it can form a highly directive beam at the edge of its very wide 116 degree field of view.
These are the reasons why Barclays in their report upon initiation of coverage and a $29 price target modeled a 30% usable capacity, whereas the normal for a LEO constellation is just 10%.
That is the result of two design choices on antenna, that differs from Starlink and other LEO concepts, and gives AST wider FoV. Please note that 3/10 usable capacity is 3x or 200% more efficient than just using 1/10 as is the LEO norm. The design choices of the big array of AST satellites and the Q/V band antenna steerable dish should ne understood in this context. by the concept of optimizing for the highest possible efficiency.
Compare and contrast.
Usable capacity ratio = Usable capacity / Total capacity. 
Efficiency= Total output / Total input
Mass production and costs.
By statement of the CEO ~90% of the satellite cost is in the array and its near identical micron panels, made up bit identical subsystems well suited for mass production. This brings economy of scale and keeps satellite costs (input in the formula above) down. Also an highly efficient concept.
And while we are at Barclays report. These are their estimates of throughput, and the CapEX stated at that point in time for ASIC / SoC Bluebirds.
Note in the chart above how AST Bluebirds combine the small CapEX, capital expenditure of conventional small sats with the very high throughput of expensive GEO VHTS satellites. It is as disruptive as it is highly cost-efficient, and as such extremely competitive. Chart is from my WSB writeup.Highly recommended reading for context / overview.
The disruptive ratio above is the result of modular design, mass production, reduced launch costs, and the use of extreme throughput wide bandwidth v-band in the backhaul and an extreme amount of beams and user links in the fronthaul.
And what I am getting at here is that this focus on efficency and effectiveness combined in design choices and int the businessmodel is no coincidence. To the extent I am cutting this writeup in two, to fit all examples.
The regulatory context. Not always as efficient. But as an politician in my home country, I will say this, the regulatory framework, and the pace and processes of the regulators themselves leave something more to desire in what I have witnessed so far of ASTs contacts with US authorities and how they go about connecting USA and the world, and how they treat their Space entrepreneurs. In that particular, regulatory, part. As for the pace of SpaceMobile and Bluewalker 3 applications. An much needed overhaul of secondary market rules. The lagging deployment of optical fibre networks. The very hap-hazard rollout of 5g stopped by altimeters, and so forth. Here I see a lot of room for improvements in terms of effectiveness and efficiency.
I will say this. The FCC has done some things right. Of relevance to AST: They fastforwarded new spectrum sharing rules that were decided in december, so the round that closed in november could get started. And they recently held a successful auction of 5g C-band spectrum.
But more of this is needed. Or the US nation risks falling behind, it risks being less competitive. It should fast-forward new disruptive highly efficient technologies for a more efficient use of the scarce resource spectrum. Yet regulatory process lingers, it seems anxious and has a slow pace. The regulators needs better to embrace progress and innovation. A new more efficient formfactor for communications satellites should be faster welcomed, than what we so far have seen
To be continued.
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2022.01.22 20:31 jobsinanywhere Pep Guardiola to be offered HOLLAND job as nation tempt boss to leave Man City when deal expires after next season

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2022.01.22 20:31 asdqwe123_g Mercedes and Red Bull are asking $5 million to be added to the budget cap for the sprint races, Ferrari would settle for less.

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2022.01.22 20:31 iamcalifw 💎Baby Floki Doge Just stealth launched 10 minutes 🔥Ownership Renounced💎 Early Low Cap just launched | No Airdrop | BFDOGE New 1000x - Project is run by the best team in the BSC space 🔥GEM x1000 moonshot

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2022.01.22 20:31 TheHeroReddit Now we just need his E and R, and maybe passive.

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2022.01.22 20:31 Admiral_Jetro Orion Blackguard plus turret tracking

With the introduction of the turret tracking being used on the Emerald Chain Juggernaut, I was wondering if a ship like the Orion Blackguard which has visible turrets as well would be getting the same tech. Think it would be fun
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