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Irish Times: An explanation on why Sinn Fein is not a conventional party - Future SF votes beware!

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2022.01.22 21:02 Standard_Respond2523 Irish Times: An explanation on why Sinn Fein is not a conventional party - Future SF votes beware!

Joe Joyce wrote here on Monday about Sinn Féin participation in government. And his opinion piece drew the usual reaction from on-line readers who use anonymity to hide their membership of a well-drilled phalanx of trolls. No surprise there.
His central thesis – that Sinn Féin is not, and will not be, a conventional democratic political or parliamentary party - is completely true. But of itself, that may not impress some considerable section of the electorate who are looking for something different from the current political party orthodoxy. So what, they may ask. How does it matter if they are different? Here’s how.
They do not hold regular meetings of their Oireachtas representatives, otherwise known as parliamentary party meetings. I was a little surprised when one of their Oireachtas members told me that. But perhaps I shouldn’t have been surprised. It is entirely consistent with their espousal of Lenin’s principle of democratic centralism – the doctrine that when the ruling body of the party makes a decision or adopts a policy after internal discussion, all party members must thereafter uphold the decision or policy upon pain of expulsion for public dissent. This rule allows no public discussion or dissent.
Even with the draconian Leinster House system of losing the party whip for disobedience, members of other parties are allowed to voice their disagreement with their parties’ positions in the media and in debate in either House. The PDs were the only party with rules that guaranteed no loss of the whip on issues of personal moral conscience. That was availed of on a few occasions.
The leader of the parliamentary party cannot, under Sinn Féin’s rules, be chosen or ousted by a vote of their parliamentarians. Can you imagine what the reaction would be if Boris Johnson changed the rules to provide that he could only be removed at a national conference or by some committee meeting at the Tory central office?
As Joyce pointed out, day to day control of Sinn Féin is exercised by a small eight-member politburo known as the Coiste Seasta which has a five-three majority from Belfast. As he also pointed out, this committee, when last listed, contained no person with a public profile or any name-recognition in this State. The party’s director of finance has openly stated that they do not want its public representatives to control it. Its Ard Comhairle has 48 members, including 11 Stormont MLAs, 2 abstentionist Westminster MPs, and only 6 TDs. These bodies decide on SF voting and policy at Leinster House.
The recent “cash-for-ash” scandal inquiry unearthed the fact that the responsible SF Stormont minister took instruction on the issue via a special advisor from an un-elected SF official in its Belfast office.
A SF TD has very little status different from any ordinary party member and much less status than any member of the Ard Comhairle or the Coiste Seasta. He or she cannot decide to participate in media discussion without party permission. Elected SF TDs and Oireachtas members face de-selection by the party’s officers. Their staff is selected by those officials and are answerable to them.
If there were to be a coalition involving Sinn Féin, their ministers or candidate for Taoiseach would not be chosen by their elected members of the Dáil. That would be decided by their Ard Comhairle, dominated as it is by the inner sanctum of the Coiste Seasta in Belfast. A cabinet would be dominated, if SF were the major party, by officers elected by nobody in this State. Ministers would resign when told to do so by the party’s officers, just as MLAs and Senators have been told to do in the recent past.
There would be no possibility of a Sinn Féin minister opposing the party’s line or siding with coalition partner ministers in cabinet votes. The Budget would be subject to internal party approval. This is the reality of their modus operandi– not some imagined malign scenario. The lads in Belfast would even decide on the date of general elections in the Republic.
Any minority party that coalesced with Sinn Féin as the majority partner would be about as effective as the right-wing parties that coalesced with the National Socialists in the dying days of the Weimar republic. They foolishly thought that they would rein in their partners!
At no point in the history of the independent democratic Irish state has any group sought a mandate to govern while tightly controlled by persons un-elected by the people. But now that scenario is becoming thinkable. Those who complacently dismiss the Trumpian assault on the Capitol as an American near miss should look again at what is looming here.
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2022.01.22 21:02 jabregousmc My first time smoking dino bones 🦖 🍖 . 🤤

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2022.01.22 21:02 StriderHaryu Hi, r/AceAttorney! I just obliterated my hip, so I figure now's a better time than ever to get this started!

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2022.01.22 21:02 digital_paco Táxis / Ubers da marca Tesla [Sério]

Volta e meia em Lisboa cruzo-me com alguns Tesla Model S, e quando vou a ver tem um sinal TVDE atrás. Hoje aconteceu-me o mesmo mas era um táxi. Alguém me explica como é que faz sentido um taxista guiar um carro se 105.000€?
"A economia do veículo elétrico" é um argumento que vou ouvido. Mas não acho que a teoria da poupança faça sentido quando estamos a falar dum carro de 6 dígitos e há opções a 1/4 do preço.
O que é que me está a falhar?
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2022.01.22 21:02 mattcw13 Are those... my pants?!

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2022.01.22 21:02 Eruditioads can i ride the choo-choo train?

pls this is not trolling. im genuinely just going to base my entire decision on this point between platinum and bronze. can i ride the train i get for my home(?) in the platinum founder's pack?
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2022.01.22 21:02 JayDutcha I have a lump on my side?

I am 16 male and I can feel a lump on the right front side of my stomach. It isn’t visible or big, but it hurts a little when I touch it, almost like a bruise. But I am also taking testosterone injections around that area, but this has never happened before and it doesn’t seem right, think I should be worried?
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2022.01.22 21:02 KingCrimsonRequiem__ Trading wispy chariot for shadow the world

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2022.01.22 21:02 roseporter Looking for mentor

I recently made an only fans account, and have posted like 3 things. I’m pretty sure I’m going about this all wrong and really need the money.
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2022.01.22 21:02 introsort [Hiring] Senior Cloud Infrastructure Architect , Professional Services - Job ID: 1834796 | Amazon.jobs (Amazon)

To learn more and apply for the job, please see Senior Cloud Infrastructure Architect , Professional Services - Job ID: 1834796 | Amazon.jobs
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2022.01.22 21:02 InfiniteRest5594 コンダクト トゥギャザー! v1.0.0 [NSZ]

コンダクト トゥギャザー! v1.0.0 [NSZ] Seek, and you shall find.
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2022.01.22 21:02 aced_sto Contemplating starting Dragonbone Vale.

I'm probably going to start the new zone tomorrow. Any tips, or things you wish you'd known before you started it? (please don't waste your time posting "Don't bother" I like new content, even if it's not the greatest)
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2022.01.22 21:02 AwakeBass He doesn't listen to the bigoted statements of those around him, he KNOWS he's destined for greatness

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2022.01.22 21:02 introsort [Hiring] Job Detail | Atlassian (Atlassian)

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2022.01.22 21:02 MassiveSubtlety Recommendations for using a troche for a nasal spray?

I've got 300mg troches that seem to dissolve perfectly into water. Should I, and how? Would a nasal spray like this not sting really bad in the nostrils?
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2022.01.22 21:02 Diotoiren [DIPLOMACY] [EVENT] "There is a clear boundary between Earth and Space" ~ Says Imperial Minister of Foreign Affairs as Japan makes space-policy clear

 Tokyo, Japan 
"There is a clear boundary between Earth and Space" ~ Says Imperial Minister of Foreign Affairs as Japan makes space-policy clear The Asahi Shimbun | Issued October 1st, 2051 - 12:00 | Tokyo, Japan
TOKYO - The Empire of Japan has finally released information regarding its foreign policy relating to space and interstellar affairs. The announcement by most was expected given the Empire continues to be one of the few nations which still publicly outlines policy and position for the broader international community, although the contents of said policy have raised some eyebrows over the perceived "unequal nature" of its general meaning. Japan which has remained a leading country in the space-race and for several years now been operating a major project via it's space elevator with a fleet of 300 mining carriers, was expected to take an extremely "protective" stance over the new interstellar frontier. However the statement and follow-up policy provided by Foreign Minister Jacqueline Reid has instead seemingly provided "significant leeway" in what may be acceptable in space. The statement can be seen below,
"At present the Empire of Japan continues to standby a total condemnation of ASAT and warfare within or below GEO. And as previously stated, any action that would threaten Japanese assets within these regions would be immediately met with appropriate terrestrial action. Due to the devastating nature of a possible conflict in or below GEO and the collateral damage it could do both to Japanese satellites, space-elevator assets, and space-stations, this overall policy is considered the only reasonable stance to be taken. However beyond GEO and within true interstellar space, the same policy will not be applied. Further, the current position of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is that aggression in space should whenever possible be met with appropriate responses in space." ~ Imperial Minister of Foreign Affairs
At the same time, the Empire of Japan has formally announced sovereignty over the planet of Pluto and her moons, making it the first time that a credible space-power has made efforts to claim an entire planet. This was also joined by the Empire of Japan planning a series of "interstellar expeditions" utilizing the Obayashi Elevator and existing GIGAS Space Colony as a "jump point" so to speak. As of right now, the Imperial JAXA has officially publicized the following mission-set.
  • JAXA Mission Set and Launch-timetable
  • Pluto
    • The JAXA envisions that a flight of five modified S-2 Irys spacecraft will launch carrying existing lunar habitat capsules at approximately a rate of 3 capsules per S-2 Irys alongside necessary crew and astronauts. This will be joined by a smaller continuous stream-fleet of retro-fitted Japanese mining carriers which will be instead carrying necessary habitation supplies for the long-term construction of an interstellar space station of the following basic medium-class design which will allow for the following,
    • Docking of 12 S-2 Irys sized vessels or smaller at any given time, docking of 2 much larger "Asuna" class habitation vessels.
    • Limited-construction facilities for repairs and construction of SF-1 Orochi-class vessels or smaller
    • Space within the station for 203 human occupants and 20 robotic aids.
    • Space within the Pluto-ground station for 50 occupants and 40 robotic aids.
  • Titan
    • The JAXA intends to launch a flight of eight modified S-2 Irys space-craft each carrying a rate of 3 capsules. They will be joined by a similar fleet of retro-fitted mining carriers. From here the intent will be to build the same type of interstellar space station as the one set to be built above our space-elevator on Earth (more details below). In addition, we will also be building a space elevator to act as the hook for this station's anchor which will be alongside the space-colony be located in the ocean of Kraken Mare. This will in essence require the station to be in practice a replica of the Shimizu Pyramid arcology, with altered materials as necessary and the entire thing is set to be built in the orbit of Titan at large. This will be the first "true colony" of the Empire once complete with housing an equal amount as the existing Shimizu pyramid.
  • Ganymede
    • At this moment, JAXA only intends to build a medium-class space station in orbit. This will be the easiest of the projects and will act as a jump point from the Moon to Titan.
  • Iserlohn Fortress (With a copy built over Titan named Aincrad)
    • When complete the Iserlohn Fortress will be one of the largest space-yards and fortresses in existence. Designed as a dual-purpose fortress and shipyard, the Iserlohn will allow for immediate space colonization and a replacement of Japanese reliance on existing Space-stations while combining new abilities to produce space-vessels in space itself. The Iserlohn will be divided into a total of 2 central citadels and a series of 36 major shipyard-locations along three of its five major sides. These yards will be large enough to construct S-2 Irys or S-3 Asuna class vessels (and equivalent sized vessels or smaller) and will be designed in a modular fashion to allow each to be broken into two smaller yards for the construction of SF-1 Orochi sized vessels. The overall station will be fusion powered by a series of four reactors (two primary and two back-up) and will be able to house at present an unknown amount of people, but will be commercial/military focused. There will also be a major section which will allow for the docking of a total of 48 vessels at any given time, with smaller pods allowing for vessels to anchor in orbit of the station and then be transported by pod. Defenses will be provided for by untold numbers of lasers (approximately 50x 500kw lasers) and railgun stations (40x 240mj railguns). Both the Iserlohn and Aincrad Fortresses will maintain their own gravity systems.
The overall program cost for the four core missions is expected to reach upwards of $300 billion dollars over the next 10 years, with the timelines as follows.
  • Pluto: 2 years to establishment, 10 years to station completion.
  • Titan: 2 years to establishment, 7 years to final completion
  • Ganymede: 4 years to final completion
  • Iserlohn: 4 years to final completion, 6 years for Aincrad
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2022.01.22 21:02 Novel_Gazelle Completely overwhelmed by past SA trauma

Hi, I (35F) am not new to reddit but I'm a first time poster on this sub. Over the years I've experienced various degrees of sexual assault and rape through too many incidents to count by both strangers and past partners. I've been in a happy, healthy, committed relationship with a really good man for almost 6 years now, so what happened a few days ago completely blindsided me.
I'm from the Netherlands, and a few days ago a huge story broke about sexual misconduct and assault at a talent show production. Several victims have told their stories and many people are outraged, myself included, but what I absolutely didn't expect was to get so triggered out I can barely function. I went to sleep fine on Thursday and woke up on Friday feeling absolutely paralysed, spent the entire day crying, and I feel utterly lost. I realised today that, while I thought I "got over" the things that happened to me, I probably haven't really processed most of it. And now I don't even know where to start. I'm in therapy and I had a session yesterday and that was helpful, but my feelings didn't end when the session did. I can't compartmentalise this, I don't know if I should but I also have a toddler kiddo and job to take care of, and a husband who wants to help but is being completely shut out because I don't know how to talk to him about this. I need to be okay enough by Monday to start functioning again. I don't know what to do.
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2022.01.22 21:02 TechedThrower66 What do yall think of my most listened artists of the past month??

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2022.01.22 21:02 Comfortable-Still-58 Titanfall 2 Free (v2.0.7.0)

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2022.01.22 21:02 rukiin GEAR PRESETS

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2022.01.22 21:02 Petrroll Ellie Anne Swan: Finished bounty (got 25USD) but don't see it in finished missions

Hi, so I took and successfully ?finished? Ellie Anne Swan bounty - i.e. got her to jail and received money for her. Weirdly the mission doesn't appear among my finished / repayable missions for chapter 2 (where I did it). Any chance to fix this?
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2022.01.22 21:02 Rustytrout My puppy from 8 weeks to 7 months. I love the way my puppy (Winston) looks at his “big” sister (Piper)!

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