November 27- (G) L A V U E Y

2021.11.28 05:18 CaptainWaffleIron November 27- (G) L A V U E Y

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2021.11.28 05:18 wrinkledscrubs two keys stuck on infinite repeat

Trying to figure out an issue where the [ and - keys are both stuck on infinite repeat. Took both of the keys out and used air to clean the debris, but the problem still persists and the buttons seem to be totally functional. Can't get past the login screen with "[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[.... " or "-----------...."
Was able to correctly type my password once and get into a doc to type and figure out which keys were stuck.
Seems like it may not be a keyboard issue on this one?
2017 MacBook Pro 13" with a 1tb updated SSD.
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2021.11.28 05:18 TheTruth221 what jordans do u ask your friends gf to buy u

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2021.11.28 05:18 Salmonellq Sheesh am I the only one in my family who doesn't have shit music taste

My mom. just played a song so shitty it entered my nightmares in the form of a malfunctioning killer microwave. Even my subconscious knew that noise didn't sound like music, just a food heater dropped water and injected with just a lil demonic essence
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2021.11.28 05:18 PepsimanYT Can I buy the flame ammo from my quick menu

How do I get more of the ammo I haven't played in a while and I can't remember
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2021.11.28 05:18 uaskmebefore 习近平冷酷的政治算计 压下赌注 发起强力控制中国的运动

习近平正在利用这种众所周知的社会干预手段。哈佛大学肯尼迪政府学院国际事务教授、《从造反者到统治者:中共百年史》(From Rebel to Ruler: One Hundred Years of the Chinese Communist Party)一书作者赛奇(Anthony Saich)认为,习近平正企图完全重塑经济和社会,推动其向更社会主义的方向发展。这场运动融合了共产党历史上实践的关键元素,包括根深蒂固的家长式作风,因为中共把自己看作国家和社会的道德仲裁者。

Processing img zfgv0loopa281...
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2021.11.28 05:18 WalkingR6 Guys I'm bored anyone else bored?!?!?!?!

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2021.11.28 05:18 Spare_Text Wer kann sie im rp spielen?

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2021.11.28 05:18 MainCheesecake2551 fc6 looking for someone to do co op missions with, or just play the game in general

I'm on ps4 and i just started yesterday, my user is LilSxmmy
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2021.11.28 05:18 Zpeedzy Do Royal Mail 48 deliver on Sundays?

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2021.11.28 05:18 ChrisVza Need advice on a LAN Video intercom system with iPads as indoor stations

Hey there! Happy Sunday!
Our company has been commissioned by a customer to implement a small automation system. Part of the installation includes wall-mounting iPads (Using Simplidock) for control of blinds, lighting etc.
The customer would like a video intercom system (with trigger output) that would also utilize the iPad as an indoor station (with 2-way audio, gate control, video, push notifications, etc).
For the sake of reliability, we're looking for a system which could work with/without internet access (only over LAN(WiFi) for local / Over the internet for off-site users).
Any recommendations here? We've got experience with the Hikvision intercom systems but, as memory serves, those require a P2P connection through the internet for push notifications through Hik-Connect.
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2021.11.28 05:18 LastSalty Peace rakh bhay

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2021.11.28 05:18 larsen8989 POE to USB+Data

I'm looking to hunt down POE to USB micro or C splitters that support Ethernet over USB. Think Chromecast ultra without the wall wart or even steam remote play while cable charging. I know it's nich but I can't imagine it's not made right? Any ideas?
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2021.11.28 05:18 ArcadiaKing Mackinac Bridge seen from Mackinac Island

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2021.11.28 05:18 AmitYoel How to enable Samsung Pay on Gear S3 frontier?

Hey! I just recently received a gear S3 frontier, it didn't come with Samsung pay and I was wondering if there's a way to enable it? I'm not on a Samsung phone by the way
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2021.11.28 05:18 Federal_Medium2006 Fabiola Volkers with special bras

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2021.11.28 05:18 dorsia_ WHY do I get so greasy after sleeping over at someone’s house?

Ever since I can remember after a sleepover or even if someone sleeps in my own bed with me, my hair becomes so oily and I just feel like my body is generally musty in the morning. Does anyone else get this or know why it is? I feel like this is easy to attribute to something like oh you probably don’t do your skincare routine ect at someones house but it literally happens at my house too if they sleep in bed with me. Whyyyy?
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2021.11.28 05:18 MetaNFT-Pix We're giving away one of our beautiful NFT’s. Bored Ape Paint Art. Just upvote and comment. Good luck :)

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2021.11.28 05:18 Federal_Medium2006 Fabiola Volkers with special bras

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2021.11.28 05:18 Prettydamngoodperson Crimpsas

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2021.11.28 05:18 ZeroCooly What's the best way to meet new people without using the internet in this post pandemic world?

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2021.11.28 05:18 davidmartin1357 Happy Birthday Mr White! Bryan Cranston turns 66 today!

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2021.11.28 05:18 IRONMAN_y2j Today's ranked match

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2021.11.28 05:18 Ok-Consequence-2465 Danielle Carmona

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2021.11.28 05:18 jbellas 🔥 Fight for the throne

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